Career Discovery Centre

Talentbank is a Malaysian based Career Discovery Centre focused in producing breakthrough, career-ready candidates of all disciplines and helping them kick-start their careers by connecting them with industry leaders that welcome prime talent.

At over 2,500 Square Feet, Talent Bank currently stands as the biggest talent discovery centre in Malaysia. But size isn’t the only thing we strive for. Talentbank is conceptualized as a new-gen approach to solving the global workforce crisis of the difficulty in looking for, and hiring quality candidates.

Here at Talentbank, we have a firm and uncompromising conviction that everybody should be able to choose meaningful careers, and a company or organization that is the perfect fit for them in terms of not only career goals, but also their culture. We empower aspiring candidates from all disciplines by providing them with a wide range of career choices, masterclass-level workshops and soft-skills-building community activities.

Talentbank is a part of the nation’s career network, linking together key universities, government and employers. Thousands of creme de la creme talents are looking for their dream jobs, and depositing their career profiles with us on daily basis.

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