Invitation as a Sponsor

Dear Business Partners,

Warm greetings from HRINCAMPUS Conference 2018– Malaysia’s 1st Graduate Recruitment & Development Conference​,​ and Gathering of Career Service​s ​Practitioners & Campus Recruiters in Malaysia.

A momentous annual affair, HRINCAMPUS &​ ​Sunway University brings flocks of​ ​employers, universities and top students from all corners of the nation together at the​ ​HRINCAMPUS Conference to exchange ideas, insights, develop opportunities and​ ​network.

Purposefully and meticulously designed to allow delegates to put their heads​ ​together and focus on broader issues within the industry, learn and compare notes​ ​with industry experts from all​ ​disciplines, discover industry trends, and to discuss​ ​brilliant ideations and solutions to overcome challenges faced within the industry, the​ ​HRINCAMPUS Conference 2018 is an outlook-changing affair that gives a​ ​refreshing perspective for the Campus Recruiters & Career Services Practitioners.

With this, we would like to extend a personal invitation to you to be one of our​ ​esteemed sponsors. As our sponsor, your organisation will have the opportunity to demonstrate your interest in and commitment to the graduate recruitment and development industry. With delegates expected from all over Malaysia, you are ideally placed to position yourself as an industry leader and share details about your product or service with this captive niche.

We aim to offer a selection of sponsorship opportunities, catering for a range of budgets. Our packages start at just RM 1,000.

Why should you sponsor?

– Broaden your potential client base
– Share your expertise
– Showcase your products & services
– Position your organisation as industry leader

Target Audience

Targeted at graduate recruiters and career services practitioners who focus on the graduate recruitment/development industry across Malaysia.  The Conference is suitable for people who have responsibility for graduate recruitment and development of graduates across Malaysia.

Looking forward to work with you,
Ben Ho, CEO & Founder of HRINCAMPUS (Connect with me on LinkedIn)

Sponsorship Opportunities from as low as RM 1,000 (Password: sponsorship)

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1. Who's Attending?


2. Official Venue

3. Organiser

Pronounced as “HR-in-Campus”, we are an Award-Winning Integrated Graduate Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist.

Purpose-built to connect amazing employers to amazing graduates directly in a way that has never been done before, we hold pride in knowing employers who have partnered with us have procured top-of-the-line employees through us.

With a proven track record and partnerships with over 100 of the top private and public universities across Malaysia, we rightly earned the claim of being Malaysia’s most premier graduate recruitment specialist.


4. Co-Organiser

Sunway is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. Programmes are designed to fulfil the needs and interests of a modern society. In adopting a global approach, the University has established close partnerships with Lancaster University UK and Le Cordon Bleu International, which lend international qualifications to Sunway’s programmes. The University has fostered ties with Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge in bilateral exchange of expertise and research. Sunway’s academic staff is an international blend of leading researchers and experts in the field.

To date, the University has drawn more than 26,000 students from over 90 countries to its vibrant, 880,000-square-feet campus. Supported by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, the University has invested in excess of RM400 million in its infrastructure and continues to expand its teaching and learning, and research spaces. Here at Sunway, students and academics thrive in the discovery of ideas and opportunities in the heart of Sunway City, adjacent to some of the best public, medical and social amenities in Malaysia.


5. Official Programme

6. Organising Committees

Sponsorship Opportunities from as low as RM 1,000 (Password: sponsorship)

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