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Malaysia's Premier Graduate Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist - Specialized in 100+ Campuses Nationwide

Pronounced as “HR-in-Campus”, we are an Award-Winning Integrated Graduate Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist.

Purpose-built to connect amazing employers to amazing graduates directly in a way that has never been done before, we hold pride in knowing employers who have partnered with us have procured top-of-the-line employees through us.

With a proven track record and partnerships with over 100 of the top private and public universities across Malaysia, we rightly earned the claim of being Malaysia’s most premier graduate recruitment specialist.

Founded in 2012.


Talentbank Career Fair

Held annually, the Talentbank Career Fair (Previously known as Intercampus Career Fair) is an offline, direct recruitment platform organized to connect both employers and students, will also serve as an Employer Branding Platform, Youth Outreach Platform, and Campus Recruitment Platform.


Campus Job Fair

Since 2012, Campus Job Fair has been held in over 50+ Campuses in Malaysia.

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Internship Fair

Held every August – October, Internship Fair is an Internship Matching Platform.

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A momentous annual affair, HRINCAMPUS brings together employers, universities and top students from all corners of the nation to exchange ideas, insights, develop opportunities and network.

Purposefully and meticulously designed to allow delegates to put their heads together and focus on broader issues within the industry, learn and compare notes with industry experts from all disciplines, discover industry trends, and to discuss brilliant ideations and solutions to overcome challenges faced within the industry, the HRINCAMPUS Conference is an outlook-changing affair that gives a refreshing perspective for the HR industry.

Graduates' Choice Award

Recognized by over 200,000 graduate talents and over 100 universities, GCA is the gold standard gauge of the performance of Campus Recruiters throughout Malaysia.


Employee Ownership Twin Books


This is a MUST HAVE concise guide for managers, bosses and HR leaders to explore, identify and overcome known and hidden obstacles within all levels of corporate and business fields. An incredibly easy read, this book is packed with novel tips and ideas to improve and keep improving on employee performance in ways that few have thought about.


This is a MUST HAVE manual for jobseekers and seasoned employees. Ben and Roger share no-holds barred insights with impressive simplicity that it’s hard to imagine any serious employee not quickly gripped by the free-flow of advice you can put into practice to experience immediate positive impacts both in your personal and professional lives.

Available at major bookstores nationwide. Click for more information.

Talentbank Career Discovery Centre

Talentbank is a Career Discovery Centre focused in producing breakthrough, career-ready candidates of all disciplines and helping them kick-start their careers by connecting them with industry leaders that welcome prime talent.

At over 2,500 Square Feet, Talentbank currently stands as the biggest career discovery centre in Malaysia. But size isn’t the only thing we strive for. Talentbank is conceptualized as a new-gen approach to solving the global workforce crisis of the difficulty in looking for, and hiring quality candidates.

Here at Talentbank, we have a firm and uncompromising conviction that everybody should be able to choose meaningful careers, and a company or organization that is the perfect fit for them in terms of not only career goals, but also their culture. We empower aspiring candidates from all disciplines by providing them with a wide range of career choices, masterclass-level workshops and soft-skills-building community activities.