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Foreword by Dr. Elizabeth Lee

Senior Executive Director, Sunway Education Group

Workplace culture has undergone significant changes throughout the years. Organisations are constantly evolving, and with it workplace culture.

In his book, ‘The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace’, Ron Friedman writes, “Cubicles are depressing. Private offices are isolating. Open spaces are distracting. Teamwork is ostensibly in, while hierarchy is out. Typewriters got the boot with the advent of faster, user-friendly computers. Corporate jargon and ideas about job security have gone through major fluxes, as well. Racial diversity in the workforce has increased overtime — although many fields still have quite a way to go.”

Graduates fresh to the working world would need to be able to adapt and assimilate into the ever evolving workplace culture. Exponential technological change is set to render many things in terms of what our students are learning today, obsolete in the near future, and workplace culture will continue to evolve. Students and employers will need to be prepared for the change that is to come.

With this in mind, Sunway University is proud to host the HRINCAMPUS Conference 2018. Touted as the Biggest Academia-Industry Learning and Networking Conference, it is also a Gathering of Career Services Practitioners and Campus Recruiters in Malaysia.

Highly recommended for and targeted at professionals in academia, HR leaders and students, the Conference is an ideal platform for all to come together to learn, share, discuss and discover the ins and outs of the industry. With the onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution, employers and employees have to embrace new work systems and culture. In anticipation of the transformation that is to come, participation from all stakeholders at this conference will, I am sure, be a step forward in preparation for the coming digital and technological tide.

With all good wishes for a meaningful and an interesting Conference.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee
Senior Executive Director
Sunway Education Group and Sunway University

Foreword by Ben Ho, CEO of HRINCAMPUS

We live in a globalised world where the successes of companies and organisations across all industries are largely attributed to the development of, and by the indispensable contributions of HR Professionals worldwide.

The theme of the conference this year, “A New Workforce” suggests that we are now facing unprecedented times where the world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The greater question is, “Are we producing 21st Century Graduates to meet these demands of a new workforce?”

Technologies now have great potential to continue to connect billions more people to the web, drastically improve the efficiency of business and organisations. In order to thrive, business leaders will have to actively work to expand their thinking away from what has been traditionally done, and include ideas and systems that may never have been considered. The future is happening around us.  And we must rise to the challenge to meet it and thrive in the new industrial revolution.

The 2018 HRINCAMPUS Conference serves not only as a centralised nexus for HR Professionals to exchange ideas, insights, develop opportunities and network; but to also promote Academia-Industry collaborations to further enhance Graduate Employability – promoting the development of various channels that allow HR Professionals to tap into vast pools of promising fresh talent. We can no longer function as silos, because collaboration between these parties is key to prepare our graduates for the future.

This year, thanks to the overwhelming response of future-facing HR Professionals, the 2018 HRINCAMPUS Conference will see the attendance of over 90 Career Services Practitioners, 90 Campus Recruiters and 50 Student Leaders.

We would like to especially thank the Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi, MDEC and the Career Development Centre Club Malaysia for their amazing support.

Ben Ho,

An Exclusive Learning & Networking Conference with Like-Minded Career Services Professionals, Recruiters & Student Leaders in Malaysia.


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