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Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of Iflix Malaysia

Azran Osman-Rani was the iflix Group COO and CEO of iflix Malaysia. He was also previously the Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia X. Prior to AirAsia X, Azran was a Senior Director of Business Development at Astro All Asia Networks plc, a Southeast Asian digital satellite television and radio broadcaster and content producer. In addition to these roles, Azran is a former McKinsey & Company and Booz Allen & Hamilton management consultant, and a Stanford University alumnus. Besides being a dedicated family man, he is also an Ironman triathlete and loves adventure travel. His first love was for Ultimate Frisbee during his Stanford University days when his team was ranked number one amongst the west coast states.

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Ching Wei Lee, Founder of iMoney

Lee Ching Wei is the Founder and CEO of iMoney, Malaysia’s first financial services comparison portal. Ching co-founded iMoney in 2012, when he came home from Australia after working in Melbourne for a few years. The spark for this brainchild came from his frustration going from bank to bank, trying to decide where to open a savings account and which credit card to choose. Ching longed for an easier and more transparent way of selecting the best financial products for himself. Today, iMoney has garnered over 1.8 million unique visitors a month – a clear market leader in South East Asia, serving more than 50 financial services clients and almost 400 million consumers across Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore (from

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Fadza Anuar , CEO of FashionValet

Fadza is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fashion Valet. He was an engineer from Imperial College London who moved into the fashion eCommerce industry. Fashion Valet is a online shopping platform that curates the best designers from around Southeast Asia. They have over 400 designers and brand now that they curated from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It is now one of Malaysia’s largest online fashion and beauty retailer with an emphasis on home-grown designer products.

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